Enhancing Human Capital, Forging Strong Businesses

FORGE Skills is the Industry provider of Executive-level training courses.

In FORGE Skills, we believe that enhancing your employee's Human Capital is the single most reliable way to forge a generation of strong, sustainable businesses.

Right from conceptualisng of course subjects, to implementing learning methodologies, to finalising programmes, and to actual facilitation, we place your knowledge and skill requirements firmly in our hearts and mind.

Our courses are NOT just a series of lectures.

We consider essential learning tools and implement them widely across all our courses to develop unique programmes that work. Some of our tools include Games, Role-playing, Group-think / Braining-storming, Round-table discussion, Problem-based learning, Case studies and analysis, Presentations, Computer Labs, Quizes as well as Technical Tours.

Our Commitment

Long gone are the days of passive learning.

We believe formulating a learning concept base on a combination of active and passive methodologies is the right approach.

Thus we consider a wide variety of learning tools in our courses and implement them widely across all of them to develop unique programmes that work.

We commit to you with our unique value proposition. Trust us to take your businesses' Human Capital development to the next level!

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