Our Corporate Programs tailor exclusive courses designed to only meet your corporate needs.

We do not charge you for consultation, nor add in unnecessary admin costs. We believe in working closely with you to develop in-house courses that meets your strict criteria, while ensuring the courses drive as much value to you as possible.

Trust us to take this forward!
If you experienced any of the following, Speak to Us Now about developing an in-house course that work!

1) Unable to attend other public courses on specified date and location and missing the unique opportunity.

2) Tight training budget yet with long queue of staffs to send for courses.

3) Have good training budget, but would still like to achieve cost savings.

4) Needing to address key corporate/professional issues, yet staffs that had underwent training could not apply concepts learnt since courses covered case studies that were irrelevant or not specific enough.

5) Lack of industry knowledge, skills and/or understanding of learning concepts to develop own course for corporate training.

6) Would like to mix incentive trips with courses as part of corporate incentive program.

7) Would like an out-of-the world personalised learning experience for their staffs.

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