Registering a Course

1) How do I register a Course?
++ You can register by clicking the Register button on the course page. This will direct you to payment by Credit Card or Paypal. Should you prefer to pay using Telegraphic Transfer or Cheque, do drop us an Email and we will provide you an invoice for your processing.

2) I would like to register more than 1 participant but the payment page does not show the discounted price.
++ We apologise for the inconvenience as we work constantly to provide the best possible experience to all our users. For group registrations, drop us an Email and we will gladly assist.

3) Where can I find details of the exact event venue?
++ Upon registration of the course, we will send an email containing full venue details. Otherwise, do feel free to Email us and we will respond within 1-2 working days.

Changes or Cancellation after Registration

1) How can we change our participants/participants' details?
++ We understand that changes are part and parcel of everyday life. Thus, we allow changes made after registration subject to terms and conditions in our Registration Policy. Do Email us in the soonest.

2) We had registered and paid. However due to unforeseen circumstances, we are unable to attend and wish to cancel.
++ Kindly refer to our Registration Policy.


1) What are the payment options?
++ We accept 1) Credit Card payment via our website, 2) Paypal, 3) Telegraphic Transfer, and 4) Cheque [Singapore firms only].

2) Can you provide me with an invoice or receipt?
++ Yes, we do. Please drop us an Email.

Connect with Us

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