Last Updated: 22 July 2020
Effective Date: 22 July 2020

1. Definitions
    1.1 “” means the company operating the Website for the country in which you live or in which business is headquartered.
    1.2 “ Services” means any services provided by or its agents including:-
            1.2.1 the provision of online course search and booking site, such as searching for courses organised by with the intention to book and attend it;
            1.2.2 the provision of courses;
            1.2.3 providing Advertisers and/or Facilitator with other ancillary recruitment and advertising services including different sizes of web banners, electronic direct mailers, and posting support services; and
            1.2.4 providing Advertisers and/or Facilitator services to advertise on Website.
    1.3 “ Website” means the website managed and owned by, which the exact web address is;
    1.4 “Advertiser” means a person or entity that is contracting to post advertisements on any of the Website.
    1.5 “Course” or “Courses” means a class, workshop, seminar or webinar that is conducted on a specific subject which can be held in a site or online.
    1.6 “Facilitator” or “Facilitators” means a person or company lawfully contracted to for the purpose of teaching a course.
    1.7 “You” or “you” means the person who (or the entity on behalf of whom you are acting) that is agreeing to these Terms.
    1.8 “Personal information” is data from an individual that can be used to identify that individual.

2. Collection of Personal Information
    2.1 When you book a course and check out in Website
            2.1.1 You will be required to provide specific personal information.
            2.1.2 The personal information collected during checkout include but is not limited to your email address, name, company address and billing address.
            2.1.3 In addition to Clause 2.1.2, any personal information field which is marked as “Required Field”, you are required to provide and in doing so, you consent to the processing of this personal information by If you do not consent to provide and/or do not agree to us processing as per the manner stated in this Privacy policy, then will be unable to process your booking and hence, unable to provide certain services to you.
    2.2 When you visit the Website
            2.2.1 When you visit the Website, our web servers will collect information automatically about your visit, which might include but not limited to your Internet Protocol (IP) address, date, time and duration of your visit.
            2.2.2 might track your visits to the Website by placing a HTTP cookie on your access device automatically upon your entry to the website. HTTP Cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user's computer by the user's web browser while the user is browsing.
            2.2.3 Further to Clause 2.2.2, the placement of HTTP Cookies allow recognise information that you keyed in so that you do not have to key them in again the next time you visit, and also to recognise your usage patterns which might be used to better deliver advertisements by advertisers to you.
            2.2.4 HTTP cookies can be deleted in your web browser by you by following certain instructions laid out by your web browser. For further assistance on this, please contact your web browser. You should note that certain parts of might not function properly should you set your web browser to not accept HTTP cookies.
            2.2.5 Do note as well our partners and service providers might use HTTP cookies to collect information about the usage of Websites. do not have access or control rights over these HTTP cookies, hence usage of HTTP cookies by our partners and service providers is not covered by our privacy policy.

3. Purposes for Collecting and Using Personal Information
    3.1 collects and use your personal information for the following purposes:-
            3.1.1 Contact you in regards to your use of Services;
            3.1.2 Provision of your use to Services;
            3.1.3 Identity verification;
            3.1.4 Administration of Services;
            3.1.5 To pass on your information to our strategic partners or employers for better employment chances or advertising by third parties or for other relevant career-related purposes;
            3.1.6 To customise specific services which you had asked for;
            3.1.7 Processing your purchase of any Services which you asked for;
            3.1.8 As part of’s initiative to continually better service delivery to users and quality standards via statistical analysis of user trends, preferences and patterns to develop new services;
            3.1.9 To detect and hence prevent potential cyber-attacks and fraudulent activities.
            3.1.10 For monitoring, maintenance and improvement of the Website;
            3.1.11 For advertisers, may collect their company name, business address, billing address, contact person, email address and contact number of Advertisers so as to provide billing, customer support and other relevant business-related matters.
            3.1.12 To announce and make you informed of any policy changes or promotion.
    3.2 Further to Clause 3.1, you are unable to restrict any parts of the processing of your personal information. Hence, if you do not consent for’s processing of your personal information for any of the mentioned purposes, you are required to discontinue the relevant agreement for Services and stop using Website.
    3.3 Except for purposes outlined in Clause 3.1, shall seek your consent before processing your personal information.

4. Managing your Personal Information
    4.1 had put in place several ways you could manage or limit your personal information for privacy concerns. These are as follows:-
            4.1.1 Provision of social share buttons and links so you could share a course information with an external party;
            4.1.2 You may choose not to receive any marketing materials from;

5. Retention of Personal Information
    5.1 will retain your personal information for any period of time necessary in order to execute the purposes described in Clause 2 and/or any legal or business purposes.

6. Security of Personal Information
    6.1 utilises various cyber security software to keep personal information secure from data loss, theft, as well as unauthorized access, modification and destruction, on top of technical and administrative procedures in place. In particular, payment made in are encrypted using secure socket layer technology (SSL).
    6.2 Irregardless, you understand and acknowledge that no methods of transmission in the Internet, or storage in servers, are 100% secure. For any questions about security policies on, please contact us prior to use here.

7. Disclosure of Personal Information
    7.1 In addition to the disclosure of personal information to the parties described in Clause 2, the following below are parties including third parties users whom personal information of users might be disclosed to in order for to provide services:-
            7.1.1 Advertisers;
            7.1.2 Facilitators;
            7.1.3 Third parties lawfully contracted by to deliver all or part of Services to you, including but not limited, to the following:-
               Data storage, analytics and cloud services;
               Digital advertising services;
               Map services;
               Payment gateway services;
               Website Maintenance and/or Security services; and
            7.1.4 Website usage and web data analysis services.
            7.1.5 Partners that market and/or promote with Website and Services;
            7.1.6 Enforcement agencies, legal bodies, government entities or other authorities by law, or action of court, in order for the carry out of law enforcement activities, including but not limited to investigations or for prosecution of offenders.
            7.1.7 Any party directly involved in or indirectly involved but related to a legal proceeding in order for the legal proceedings;
            7.1.8 Professional Management companies or individual for the purpose of advising on business-related matters.
            7.1.9 Any third-party company who takeover all or a portion of in order to continue providing Services; and
            7.1.10 Any third-party company otherwise permitted under Singapore’s data protection legislation.
    7.2 Exception to Clause 7.1, notice will be informed by whenever your personal information might be disclosed to third parties. Subject to’s discretion, you will have the choice on choosing to disclose the information.
    7.3 does not sell or temporarily loan any personal information in our database to any parties with or without a profit basis.

8. Your Obligations to Personal Information
    8.1 The responsibility is yours to provide at all times an accurate, complete and not misleading, personal information. Where the personal information of another person is submitted by you, then the responsibility shall be on you. To update your personal information, contact here.
    8.2 In instances where you are providing someone else’s personal information on, then you have the responsibility to inform these people of’s privacy policy, and to obtain their consent.’s Privacy Policy can be viewed here.

9. Transfer of Personal Information
    9.1 In instances where our third-party contractors are based overseas, will be required to transfer your personal information outside of your local jurisdiction in order for the third-party contractors to deliver their services to

10. Sites Linked from or to
    10.1 may contain links to third party sites, or vice versa.
    10.2 Further to Clause 10.1, is not responsible for the administration or management of such third-party sites. Hence, any personal information disclosed to you or which you made disclosed to will not be subjected to the terms of this Privacy Policy.
    10.3 includes Social Media Features, such as widgets and buttons that allow you to share a Course to various social media platforms. These Social Media Features could be hosted by a third party and hence might collect certain personal information or place a HTTP Cookie in order for their function to provide for your use. Do know that your use of these Features is governed by the privacy policy of the company providing it.

11. Your Consent
    11.1 In using, you acknowledge that you had read the Privacy Policy and consent to the terms as stated. Whenever the Privacy Policy is updated, it will be informed promptly to you via public announcement on our website, or if you have a account, then shall be informed via email to the email address in our records.

12. Contact Information
    12.1 For any questions regards to this Privacy Policy, please contact via the contact page with your name, email address and contact number in order to respond to your enquiries efficiently and effectively.

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